First Friday in August

We had a fabulous Friday meeting in August, full of eager mamas wanting to learn how to keep their little ones close while enjoying the convenience of having one's hands free.
Our lending library is now big enough to require a suitcase to tote it around!
This new mama of a 12 week old is brand new to babywearing. She tried out a ringsling and a woven wrap, but she and baby got most cozy in a Moby stretchy wrap tied into a Front Wrap Cross Carry.
This beautiful mama wore her 6 month old to sleep in a Storchenweige woven wrap tied into a Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry.
Another beautiful pair trying out a lovely wrap conversion mei tai.
Here this mama is using a woven wrap (Didymos Lisca Arancia) for the first time with her 9 month old. Mama was astounded by how comfortable it was!
This solarveil toddler-sized Kinderpack is a perfect fit on this mama and her 15 month old. Kinderpacks are so comfy and well-made.
This little babe is not so fond of front carries, so he is loving his first back ride in a woven wrap (Didymos Jorinde, from our lending library) tied into a Secure High Back Carry.
This beautiful mama is nursing her baby in a rebozo tied with a Bara Barn short wrap. Babywearing makes hands-free nursing possible!
Another nursing mama and a mama on her way to becoming a babywearing educator joined us at our meeting. We were so grateful for her help!

Our meetings are full of fun and excitement. They're for both learning and socializing, and all are welcome!

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