First Ever Wrap Intensive

We had a blast at our first ever "wrap intensive." We had 3 mamas present to work with a group of 8 mamas on wrapping exclusively. Wrapping tends to have a steep learning curve and requires practice and often individual instruction in order to become proficient, but it's so worth it!
 This mama worked on front carries with her 1 month old in a beautiful Ellaroo woven wrap.
 This awesome mama is working toward her babywearing instructor certification and showed off her perfect double hammock with a fake baby (for demonstration purposes) in Girasol Mojito.
 Double hammock seemed to be the carry of the day. Here this mama and baby get cozy in Vatanai Maruyama.
 Another one of the leaders using a borrowed baby in Didymos Petrol Hemp Indio.
 Even my big girl (almost 4!) wanted to go up for a bit. Even with a bit of a pregnant belly, Diva Milano Merletti Maronne Blu was up to the task!
 Tightening strand by strand is one of the most important skills to master when it comes to wrapping.
 One of the most commonly asked questions is, "How did you get him up there on your back?!" There are a few methods, but here it looks like this mama is getting ready to hip scoot her babe onto her back.
 Figuring it all out.
Almost ready to tie off!
Thanks to everyone who came out today!

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  1. I love seeing all these wraps!! Makes me want to give wrapping one more shot! :-)