December Meeting

For our December meetup we had a great get-together full of babywearing, food, and socializing.
An itty bitty newborn wrapped in a Wrapsody Bali Stretch wrap.
Multi-tasking mama
This sweet mama and baby found our lending library's Kinderpack especially cozy.
Demonstrating a Front Wrap Cross Carry.
Wearing toddler on back in the always elegant yet indestructible Storch Leo Bordeaux woven wrap.
Mama and babe trying out wrapping for the first time in a Didymos Indio.
Preschooler snuggling in Didymos Lisca Sambuco by mama's pregnant belly.
Getting wrapped up in Kokadi Stars.
Finished product.
All wrapped up in a Dolcino woven wrap, a highly recommended wrap for beginners.


Fall Meetings

We actually had one cold day so far in South Texas this fall and it happened to occur on our meeting day, so everyone was snuggling extra close to their babes.
Keeping her toddler close and warm in our lending library's Didymos Jorinde
I think this sleeping babe approves of Didymos Krokus Indio
Learning to wrap with Demi the Demo Doll using the ever classy Didymos Red Wool Vogels
Trying out the Boba
Vatanai Blueberry is perfect for any season
Precious babe passed out in our lending library's Kinderpack
Note the change in dress--it quickly got warm again for this meeting! Keeping babe close in a mei tai.
Nursing in a ringsling. The long tail provides for a little extra coverage if desired.
This pair loves their new Onya Baby Carrier
Looking comfy in Didymos Mare Indio
Learning to use a ringsling
Success! With a precious teeny newborn.
Natibaby Turquoise Cashmere Honsiu is so beautiful and comfortable
Wrapped up in Didymos Lisca Sambuco. Tying under the bum keeps pressure off of mama's growing baby belly.
Using the ever-trusty Ergo Baby Carrier with a 3 month old
Finding the love for the Tula Baby Carrier
Helping a mama learn to use a ringsling with her one year old


International Babywearing Week Celebration Photo Contest

In honor of International Babywearing Week, San Antonio Area Babywearers asked members to submit one of their favorite babywearing photos taken during IBW. Check out the photos that were submitted, and then vote for your favorite photo by using the poll on the right. The person who submitted the photo with the most votes wins a Sleeping Baby Productions Ringsling!
**Voting is now closed. Congratulations to the winner!**



















Thanks to everyone who submitted a picture, and thank you for voting!


International Babywearing Week Celebration Meetup

Happy International Babywearing Week! Today we celebrated by gathering together for a meetup.
 Mama and 4 month babe using a Natibaby striped woven wrap for the first time.
 Teaching a mama how to use a woven wrap.
 Success! This 15 month old snuggled right into mama in this Didymos woven wrap.
 Wrap conversion mei tais are a great compromise between the comfort and support of a woven wrap and the ease of a mei tai.
 Serious multi-tasking going on here! Toddler on back is in a Bamberoo Reverse Half Buckle soft structured carrier so mama's hands are free to hold the 3 year old and there's a babe growing in the belly!
 The 3 (going on 4) year old wanted to go up for a bit in this supportive Diva Milano woven wrap, which allows mama to tie over her growing baby bump.
 Front Cross Carry, a great "popable" carry, using a Girasol woven wrap.
Our group's certified babywearing educator wore her 6 month old down for a nap on her back.
 Toddler wearing in Didymos Mare.
 Pulling on mama while she attempts to wrap babe on front.
 Hot mama! Woven wraps are so beautiful!
 This is why suck pads were invented!
 This 13 month old fits perfectly in a standard size Kinderpack.
 Nursing in a ringsling.
 Working on back carries in a Didymos woven wrap.
 Beautiful mama and babe in a Beco soft structured carrier.
 More soft structured carrier wearing.
 We welcome expectant moms, new moms, experienced moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers--anyone with an interest in babywearing is welcome to our meetings!
And my favorite picture of all: the toddler gang!