Fall Meetings

We actually had one cold day so far in South Texas this fall and it happened to occur on our meeting day, so everyone was snuggling extra close to their babes.
Keeping her toddler close and warm in our lending library's Didymos Jorinde
I think this sleeping babe approves of Didymos Krokus Indio
Learning to wrap with Demi the Demo Doll using the ever classy Didymos Red Wool Vogels
Trying out the Boba
Vatanai Blueberry is perfect for any season
Precious babe passed out in our lending library's Kinderpack
Note the change in dress--it quickly got warm again for this meeting! Keeping babe close in a mei tai.
Nursing in a ringsling. The long tail provides for a little extra coverage if desired.
This pair loves their new Onya Baby Carrier
Looking comfy in Didymos Mare Indio
Learning to use a ringsling
Success! With a precious teeny newborn.
Natibaby Turquoise Cashmere Honsiu is so beautiful and comfortable
Wrapped up in Didymos Lisca Sambuco. Tying under the bum keeps pressure off of mama's growing baby belly.
Using the ever-trusty Ergo Baby Carrier with a 3 month old
Finding the love for the Tula Baby Carrier
Helping a mama learn to use a ringsling with her one year old

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