Park Meetup

The weather in south Texas has finally cooled down enough that we were able to venture out to a playground for our Saturday meetup. We had a great turnout and were able to help many parents get comfortable using wraps, ringslings, mei tais, and soft structured carriers.
Gorgeous mom and baby doing a Robin's Hip Carry in a Babyette Sunayana Storm 3.7m woven wrap.
 Trying out a back carry too.
For this mama's second try with Front Wrap Cross Carry, I mostly just observed and tried to stay hands-off.
 Ta-da! This pair looked beautiful in the ever comfy Didymos Aqua Waves.
 Showing the different types of woven wraps available.
 This toddler enjoys being close to Mom in an Obimama Wrap Conversion Mei Tai made from Girasol Fresh Grapes.
 This toddler is being carried a bit lower in the same mei tai. It's all about personal preference and comfort!
 This mom also had her toddler on her back in a soft structured carrier and since he fell asleep, she then managed to lay him down in the carrier into the stroller. Genius!
 Practicing a reinforced ruck with our lending library's Natibaby Izer w/ linen woven wrap.
 And from the back. See how the baby sits nicely in the wrap and the weight is on her bum? It's just like a piggy back ride!
 Loving on baby in a Natibaby striped wrap. Striped wraps are great for those new to woven wraps because they help a beginner see if they have the passes twisted or not as they move the fabric around their bodies.
 What a beautiful front wrap cross carry in a Girasol diamondweave woven wrap!
 This toddler's cuteness kills me! She was tired and got comfy on Mom in a ringsling.
 Love this pic of one mom helping another mama put on a ringsling while her own babe sits contently on her back.
 This babe on back is so used to being wrapped--she's so content and happy back there. I think it's the "second child syndrome." ;) Baby on front is fake and was a great demo doll for me since I was kidless for the meetup!
 Helping settle baby into Poppins Hip Carry.
Babe ended up a little low (which would be great for nursing!), but with some adjusting and tightening, I think mama and babe could be super comfy.
 This mom needed some help with strand by strand tightening. Once she masters it, babe will be snug to her body and both will be very comfy!
Trying out an Obimama wrap conversion half buckle made from Hoppediz Timbuktu. I think it was love.
 Good times! Thanks to everyone who came today!

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